UNKLE - The Road: Part I (2CD) limited edition


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1. Iter I: Have You Looked At Yourself     
2. Farewell feat. Dhani Harrison, Elliott Power, Eska, Keaton Henson, Liela Moss, Mïnk, Steven Young, Ysée
3. Looking For The Rain feat. Eska, Mark Lanegan
4. Cowboys Or Indians feat. Elliott Power, Mïnk, Ysée    
5. Iter II: How Do You Feel     
6. Nowhere To Run/Bandits     
7. Iter III: Keep On Runnin'     
8. Stole Enough feat. Mïnk    
9. Arm's Length feat. Callum Finn, Elliott Power, Mïnk    
10. Iter IV: We Are Stardust     
11. Sonata feat. Keaton Henson
12. The Road feat. Eska    
13. Iter V: Friend Or Foe     
14. Sunrise (Always Come Around) feat. Liela Moss
15. Sick Lullaby feat. Keaton Henson

1. Farewell [Instrumental]     
2. Looking For The Rain [Instrumental]     
3. Cowboys Or Indians [Instrumental]     
4. Nowhere To Run/Bandits [Instrumental]     
5. Stole Enough [Instrumental]     
6. Arm's Length [Instrumental]     
7. Sonata [Instrumental]     
8. The Road [Instrumental]     
9. Sunrise (Always Come Around) [Instrumental]     
10. Sick Lullaby [Instrumental]

Rok vydání: 2017