Jimmy Pé - Insomnia CD

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Jimmy Pé is, with no doubt, one of the most gifted contemporary producers around. The constant presence of a melancholic and euphoric mood swings in his music became his signature.

The debut album, a genre-edgy variety of electronic music, is no different. Even jumping through styles Insomnia is nothing else but a colourful palette of tunes with distinct identity.

The album features a guest appearance vocalists Conor Nutt and talented newcomer Tante Elze as well as a collaboration with Irish producer Sina., Slovak one man band Fallgrapp and project Biotrick.

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1. Tachyphemia feat. Conor Nutt
2. Tea of Leaf feat. Sina
3. Insomnia 04:33
4. Lights Off feat. Tante Elze
5. Time Machine feat. Fallgrapp & Tante Elze
6. Nauzea
7. Hwarang
8. Beastly Killah
9. Blind Time
10. Limbo
11. Buzzout
12. Panic Disorder
13. Kickass feat. Biotrick
14. Toy Box

Rok vydání: 2014