OST - Get Carter (Roy Budd) LP (transparent green vinyl)


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Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive
Limited edition of 1.000 numbered copies on transparent green vinyl
180 gram audiophile vinyl
Gatefold sleeve
PVC protective sleeve
First time on coloured vinyl
Includes classic dialogue from the movie


A1 Get Carter Intro  
A2 Dialogue "Is There A Mr. Carter In The Room?"  
A3 Main Theme - Carter Takes A Train  
A4 Dialogue "Do You Know A Man Called Albert Swift?"  
A5 Looking For Someone  
A6 Dialogue - The Race Track  
A7 Something On My Mind  
A8 Dialogue "Who Killed Frank?"  
A9 Getting Nowhere In A Hurry  
10 Dialogue "Tell Me About The Girl"  
A11 The Girl In The Car  
A12 Dialogue "I Fancy You"  
A13 Love Is A Four Letter Word  
A14 Dialogue "You're Lucky. They Kill As Well"  
A15 Livin' Should Be This Way  
B1 Dialogue "All It Takes Is One Call To The Police"  
B2 Manhunt  
B3 Dialogue "Drink Up: Eric"  
B4 Goodbye Eric!  
B5 Dialogue "I Want You To Listen Very Carefully"  
B6 Hallucinations  
B7 Dialogue "You're A Big Man But You're In Bad Shape"  
B8 Plaything  
B9 Dialogue "Stay Away From The Car Or I'll Blow You Apart"  
B10 Goodbye Carter!  
B11 Dialogue "Talk Or I'll Kill You"  
B12 Hallucinations Instrumental  
B13 Getting Nowhere In A Hurry Instrumental  

Rok vydání: 2019 (RSD)