Bowie David - Spying Through A Keyhole (4 x 7")


999,00 Kč s DPH

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First physical release of these tracks. Previously available as an internet download only for a strictly limited period in December 2018.
Boxed, no hinge.
Front cover photo taken summer 1968.
Tapes transferred at Battery Studios, New York
Audio restoration at Abbey Road Studios
Mastered at AIR Mastering


A1 Mother Grey (Demo)  
B1 In The Heat Of The Morning (Demo)  
C1 Goodbye 3D (Threepenny) Joe (Demo)  
D1 Love All Around (Demo)  
E1 London Bye, Ta-Ta (Demo)  
F1 Angel Angel Grubby Face (Demo Version 1)  
G1 Angel Angel Grubby Face (Demo Version 2)  
G2 Space Oddity (Demo Excerpt)  
H1 Space Oddity (Demo w/Hutch)

Rok vydání: 2019