Únava materiálu 2 x MC


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We are proud to introduce Únava Materiálu (loosely translated as “material fatigue”). A compilation of previously unreleased recordings from 1 album and 3 EPs. Blowing dust off of forgotten tracks from a musical archive, like a long-lost tape, boxed away in an attic.

An unreliable narration through a stranger's personal photographs, UM explores the pieces of a life’s story removed from time. Evoking the strange but familiar feeling of looking at someone else's memories. Evidence of one’s secrets, as entirely their own, as they are collectively ours.

Resisting classification, ÚM draws from minimalist, so called “intelligent” electronica, turn of the millenium downtempop, drugged out new age naivety and full-blown dance-floor techno. UM at once embraces and rebels against the genres that helped to inform it.

Collected as a two tape box set with a risograph printed cover, and containing a one of a kind polaroid insert, each copy is a unique relic of a bygone time in music, at once euphoric and nostalgic. Edition of 50 units. All copies are hand numbered.

Includes unlimited streaming of únava materiálu via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Limited edition, double cassette


MC 1
Side A:
1. 0517744374 (UM_03) 02_WAIBX7SI6chdkFDTs8tIZv+XFfnWTsTnnyJYBu72poDM6UEsQusxZObZNhvBBQXdmTdBHaA1AbAn8P5NPFx3iL2ApWxQDI2sefSnD4fWXTDGb9so4DolE1cUhmOEmmK3
2. 0517744374 (UM_03) 03_2evovPp/5CEv+sEvmPjG2I1BpjAPC1mS4Yvhkj0YjNVGs3TVma4axy/ewzkmiI0l4PnR/AMfQZlcyOjPby3E1UjLoFdWOsDE8UqLvvs+m/JfG4HtqLAZS1eFDkhLzECK
3. 0517744374 (UM_03) 04_yu7u3bc1MSmsAOtQ7HuKqPh/d/nGzFCJx/jA8oUrMLwA289JcQDsY3z8srzQtTx8jDnmw3bA8pfboUAYWWbKCIMLs4jN9txZixl/GFzVFsiVwq5d4u377tB+6ZMwvfTD

Side B:
1. 0517744374 (UM_03) 05_sXKeb5A9T1bA4TmFUM7hmQuA0vjnMIKJvpoqj4NC3Wme2sJhD9Y39pcO3Zf1RXFw07i0GiKcT1uDokz+ysfdxWOB62NMetTCdgHdJbl0leyykPVuZ4tbktOeK4ld+XTM
2. 0517744374 (UM_03) 06_OBfZz9WWQRUeLvnwwtp4wmAGDnDS6FWBbrPvLJ2cfKNnYeCbmG7GrHED5Dg3SIU8Lh0h/yvHJG5/kkG4mCenm66HBjTZcUh78sovYBMoKoS9cnXbaZIcNs+FpyGKQlNE
3. 0517744374 (UM_03) 07_MK8yymurC4dcKRvsSpXJR3LA0fxbkoI3OFy+T2Q/Tyy7rResMBWXcKdNpri0bF1SucJdsTghrw+ajU6quH056xOs8NSg467mWQDAujDAgbGh8oFB+OIgEa7Q7YB5hCw9
4. 0517744374 (UM_03) 08_6u9rBpbpLNaFwpKhAkJFWBFEpPeET4PkEfcGbOIbN5UEuboI0CbmeZGpCsmnVa/OM3ylSvXAAbV+TZGkkZFmKXgcWDel6oC0C6nA1E5XoKbd4upqvN81aUh5K1rFj6+Q

MC 2
Side A:
1. UM_02 predám slovenský kožuch z dovozu (dlhá verzia)
2. UM_04 ideas in things final FINAL MASTER 2​.​wav

Side B:
1. UM_04 america FINAL v5 FINAL MASTER9​.​wav
2. UM_01 tma v umývadle
3. UM_01 za cestu dáš kilo

Rok vydání: 2019